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P2FT Office Space

What makes P2FT Office Space special? Out of the many things, we can show you some which truly make our coworking space as amazing as you:

Friendly Atmosphere

Just get inside our working space, and you can experience the hospitality which you've always dreamt of.

Refreshing Cafe Area

A cafeteria is not just a place to have a cup of coffee and a snack. It's a place to relax your mind too. Come any time, and go afresh.

Private Cloud Service

Looking for an efficient and secure cloud computing infrastructure? Our Private Cloud Service does exactly that.

Security and Hygiene

The moment you enter our premises, be assured of your safety, thanks to our watchful guards and high hygiene standards

Proactive Support Team

With our office support staff available at your service around the clock, you can simply relax and grow your productive hours

Unlimited Fun Zone

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" is a phrase we agree with. Our solution? Indoor game facilities with tons of choices

Start-up Support

We understand the struggles of a start-up firm. That's why we offer comprehensive incubation support in our facility.

Unique Customization

Your needs are as unique as you are. That's one of the many reasons why you may find our customizations amazingly different.

Testimonials that Speak

We believe that testimonials speak the language of truth. Our clients have been quite vocal and outspoken, and we encourage that. Here are some of their forms of frank expressions on

How Clients See Our Facilities


Staff support

Facilities Provided

Quality of services

Hygiene and Safety

Safety Standards


Making things unique

Internet Speed

Speedy network


Convenient Locality

I was looking out for a perfect office space for my start-up, when coincidentally this place came to my notice. There's been no looking back since then. Simply awesome!

Rafiq Rahman

Great place to work. Secure access and good service is something which I’m impressed with. The friendly attitude of the staff is simply great as well!

Ashwin C

Have been here for over a couple of months, and I should say, I’m highly satisfied. Especially the great attitude of the guys here, and the awesome fun zone.

John Koshy

Loved the ambience and the quick services. The kind of secured feel this place offers is something which I'd always wanted. A place which I’m happy to recommend others.

Chandrika G

Courteous attitude of the staffs, great pantry area and good internet connectivity are my major priorities. All met, and more offered! Thank you, P2FT.

Riya Rajesh

Thought that a coworking space is inferior. P2FT changed my mind. It indeed is the ideal choice I could ever have made, thanks to the welcoming nature of guys here. Thank you, guys.

Ramkumar R

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    The creative future company.

    Think ahead.

    Stay ahead.

    Yes. P2FT offers you both furnished and unfurnished office space options. In case you already have the furniture, we can offer you unmatched spaces to keep them spot on.

    You can book as much number of seats at P2FT as you like, starting from one, and up to 300.

    Our associate consultants specialize in a range of business areas. These include strategic planning, issues resolution, culture assessment, board effectiveness, retention.

    An office space that you define is a customized office space. If you define your office as a space for one manager cabin, and 15 work stations, that is your customized office space. Just give us your office layout idea and we get it real for you.

    We believe in different spaces for different activities. A dedicated office space provides you with the luxury of uninterrupted power supply and consistent internet connectivity, office stationeries, among many others, which we provide. If you are an entrepreneur, a dedicated office space is a necessity.

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